Moj On Sports

Episode Four from Radio Row in LA

Hosted by: Bob Marjanovich

Four time NBA Champ John Salley joins the show, NFL Insider Mike Silver with a special drop in appearance from former NFL Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall, Hall of Famer Warren Moon talks Super Bowl and the QB’s in the game, Actors Joe Mantegna and Ronnie Marmo talk about their production of “I’m not a Comedian, I’m Lenny Bruce”


Bob "The Moj" Marjanovich

The Moj has enjoyed a career in the media for over 25 years. Starting out as a writer for Sports Vue, The Moj parlayed that into a sports talk career that has spanned 20 years.

About the Show

Podcasts will feature opinions plus the BIO podcast will be just that a BIO – what makes the subject tick, his story etc